Are you wondering which is the best sedan in the auto markets to cater for your daily traveling quests? Worry no more. Our Westbrook, ME Bill Dodge Kia stores have the latest collection of Kia K5 sedans, modern, sleek machines with the latest features.

The Kia K5 has some of the popular tech and performance enhancements, roomy space, and comes at an affordable price. Interestingly, this sedan has multiple trims available, including the all-new Kia K5 GT with a powerful and quick 290 horsepower engine.

Notably, Kia K5 comes into the market with various advancements, including a new Kia logo and many standard features. Some of them include additional US ports for rear seats on the LXS, an all-wheel-drive GT-Line, a 10.3-inch screen, and wireless charging pads. Other car enhancements include installing 360-degree cameras, parking sensors, and power mirrors on the Kia K5 GT and the EX.

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